Friday Digs

Happy Friday! This was busy week, off the heels of a fun-whirlwind weekend—so this weekend I am looking forward to lots of rest and self-care. And also, a little bit of work.

But first.. it’s Friday Digs.

Last week, I rolled out a different type of Friday Digs—instead of sharing my favorite products, I shared my favorite mantras of the week. I liked it so much… I’m doing it again. Here the lessons I’m letting pulse through me this weekend.

No experience is permanent so be grateful for where you are, breathe in the moment, and release the urge to want anything more. 

I have everything I need. 

Deep breath. I relax my the wrinkles in my face and give them space, I relax the creases in my hands and let them be, I relax my body, my veins, my full being—and then I just be. 

Have a happy & healthy weekend!