Friday Digs

Happy Friday!

We have friends visiting from back home, so we are looking forward to a weekend of camping and fun. Instead of sharing the typical Friday Digs this week, I thought I’d share the mindfulness, meditations, and mantras that I’ve been using as helpful tools the past several weeks.

It’s a new kind of Friday Digs.

  • “I release guilt, I put myself first—and then I serve others from a place of fullness and love.”
  • “You should sit in meditation for twenty minutes every day — unless you’re too busy. Then you should sit for an hour.” -Zen proverb
  • This meditation; taught here.
  • Self care this way.
  • Breath, attention, and movement focused toward my core—a source of intuition and inner strength.
  • Gentle. “I am gentle with myself. I am where I need to be right now.”


Have a happy & healthy weekend.