Friday Digs

Happy Friday!

I’ve noticed among myself and friends that the weekends have become like our weekdays—planned with to-do’s and events. And though they are chosen by you—and they’re usually more fun than the workweek to-do’s—they’re still filled with a lot of “shoulds.” This weekend I am taking a break from the “shoulds” and from the plans and relaxing into a weekend of “who knows.” I hope you can invite some “who knows” into your weekend as well.

But first, it’s Friday Digs.


Seed cycling.

Been very inspired by all of the gorgeous food I found on insta this week. Inspo for you here, here, here and here.

Tulips were on sale at Whole Foods last weekend and they’ve been bringing me happiness all week long.

Herb infusions on rotation. So much so that I am buying in bulk.


And invested in a new one of these!

Have a happy & healthy weekend!