Friday Digs

Happy Friday! Thank you all for celebrating my anniversary with me this week, it was fun to share photos on social media that were of something other than meditating in the woods! (Though, that’s still my favorite thing to do.) Looking forward to a fun weekend in Boise.

But first, it’s Friday Digs.

This interesting article about parenting.

Planning a trip to this place this weekend.

And this is on my listen list for the weekend.

And this for meditation. And this for my movement practice.

For quenching the thirst of my dry winter skin.

All of these beauties.

For our anniversary this week Aaron and I splurged on fresh seafood from our local fish market—it was more than we usually spend on dinner but less than if we would’ve gone out to eat. It was a fun way to make a dinner at home feel extra special.

Have a happy & healthy weekend.