Friday Digs

It’s officially summer and I couldn’t be happier. This weekend’s plans include a book at the park and some creative time with my summer favorites in the kitchen. Here’s Friday digs!

Wearing a pretty robe around the house. If I’m at home I’m usually in some type of sweat pant/t-shirt combo, but recently I’ve switched it up. I’ve been wearing my lacy robe around the house—I instantly feel more fabulous even when I’m just doing the dishes. (I like this one, who says you have to be a bride to wear it?)

This podcast with my teacher, Gina Caputo.

These sustainable straws for smoothies and juices.

I am so interested in Tamra jal—the Ayurvedic practice of drinking water from a copper cup. Looking into this.

Figs. Yes, I dig figs. (Sorry, couldn’t help that.) I’ve mostly encountered figs dried or roasted or in a salad but this week I realized just how delicious they are on their own. I can’t get enough.


Greece. I’ve been all over the google planning my pretend trip to Greece. It’s decided, it’s next on the travel list.

Loved this article from goop about the best clean sunscreens for summer.

Have a happy & healthy weekend!