Friday Digs

Happy Friday! The week was filled with ups and downs, but this weekend I am making a point to have new experiences. And always, quite a bit of self-care.

But first, it’s Friday Digs.

This resource for kundalini kriyas and meditations.

Connection. The word, the feeling, the action. Connection to self, to others, to truth. This word is at the top of my practice currently.

Looking forward to attending this conference next week.

Best. snack. ever.

Dates. I’ve had a sweet tooth this week and dates have been the perfect treat to hit the spot while still feeling nurturing and healthy.

New smoothies. This week I blended a hibiscus herbal infusion with dates, almond milk, beet root powder, adaptogens, cinnamon and vanilla protein. It was delicious—and the perfect share of V-day pink.

Everything here.

Park hopping. Instead of hitting up my favorite spots I’ve made a point to go to new parks in my area. It’s been a good way to get out my routine and find new places to love in my city.

Have a happy & healthy weekend.