Friday Digs

Is it Friday already? This week has been totally busy but with fun projects that have left me feeling excited about the work week and not drained in the slightest. Don’t you love a week like that? This weekend I am keeping the fun going with the usual tromps in the foothills and downtime with a book and cup o’ matcha.

But first, it’s Friday Digs. 

A friend recommended this to me last weekend and I cannot wait to sink my teeth into. From what I’ve seen so far, it’s my vibe.

Speaking of friends, I am looking forward to trying something from this new product line a teacher of mine just launched. I am especially excited about this gorgeous piece.

Swooning over everything on this account. 

An honest article from my teacher, Kathryn. A good read.


Making these this weekend. And maybe these, too.

Self-investment. That’s time, spent on self with little distraction. (No shopping, tv, or external focus.)

The new spring collection from a favorite brand.

Have a happy & healthy weekend!