Friday Digs

Oh, I’m so excited for Friday. This has been a bit of a draining week though at the end of it, I can sit back, look around, and feel true gratitude for what I do have right now. I am looking forward to a weekend with my husband preparing for a holiday of travel and visiting family.

But first, it’s Friday Digs.

Guys, this process is everything. It has saved me from so many freak out moments this week. Truly, it’s the work.

This food forward instagram account. And her blog.

Waffle texture. Yes, really. On everything. Blanketsrobes, shirts, all.

A few of these classes are on my list for the weekend. And this is on my Christmas list.

As they say, absorb this. I’ve been loving this best smelling, luxurious feeling, clean body lotion.

This store.

Have a happy & healthy weekend!