Friday Digs

Happy Friday—and 1st day of September. Though it’s still in the 90’s every day here in Boise, I have been finding myself craving the internal spirit of fall. This weekend I plan on spending some low-key days at home, no leaving the house.

Here’s Friday Digs.

This copper oil warmer for Abhyanga (self oil massage).

I can’t believe I have never read this classic, it’s next on my list.

Transitioning my wardrobe. I have my eyes set on thisthis, and this.

I’ve read a lot about following your dreams but I haven’t ever heard it explained this way. Take 4 minutes to listen to this from Cheryl Strayed.

I’ve added this vitamin to my daily routine for a calm night’s sleep and help with digestion.

I’ve seen so many people sharing different ways to donate to Hurricane Harvey but this suggestion from Brené Brown is what stuck with me. You don’t appreciate your underwear until you don’t have it.

I will be off on Monday to celebrate Labor Day but will be back Wednesday. See you then.

Have a happy & healthy weekend!