Everything That Your Inner Voice Is Not

Inner voice, two words that have high value on this site. But for everything that your inner voice is—there are quite few things that it isn’t.

Your inner voice is not clear.

Well, it’s not always clear. Though you will most likely have a handful of moments when your inner voice spoke so clearly to you that it felt like an actual person speaking—the day to day inner voice is usually muffled and ambiguous.

We tend to think about the big picture—especially in terms of goal digging and manifestation. We think about what we want our life to look like. It’s a misconception that your inner voice is going to help you get there.

Instead, your inner voice is meant to help you take small right action daily. Not aimed at getting to a specific material goal, but aimed at helping you feel more fulfilled because you looked inward for guidance instead of toward material successes.

When your inner voice feels too muddled to comprehend, you usually need action without reason.

Reason is a block of your inner voice. Though reason is usually a safe option in that scenario, sometimes your inner voice is guiding you to take a risk that could be beneficial in ways reason cannot understand.

Your Inner Voice

  • It’s not clear right away.
  • Your inner voice needs you to take small actions (they don’t have to be the “right” actions,) for it to become clearer.
  • Your inner voice is ambiguous and that’s okay. It’s not supposed to tell you the answers, it’s teaching you to trust the unknown.
  • Your inner voice is focused. Your inner voice is not a big picture tool, it’s a tool that guides you toward small things daily.