Eating Mindfully on The Biggest Eating Day of the Year

As we prepare to sit down with our families to celebrate thanksgiving (a day where ingesting upwards of 3,000 calories is commonplace), I wanted to pause and think about incorporating some mindful eating tactics for the day.

First, this is a day to celebrate being with friends and  family and enjoy sharing a meal together – it’s not really a day for counting calories and that’s all good.  Enjoy all the wonderful food. Savor, eat slowly and appreciate each bite.

If you cooked, you know Thanksgiving dishes can be a bit labor intensive. As you sit down to eat, take a look at your plate and have a moment to appreciate all the time and love that went into the food.

Before you even take a bite, look around your table at the friends and family that have gathered together and acknowledge the bond you share. Take a moment to savor each bite. Be present through the meal by slowing down.

Have a happy thanksgiving and enjoy spending time with loved ones!