Elevate Your Relaxing Night at Home

I had a particularly stressful day yesterday and needed an evening wind down that was different than my typical routine. Enter: the most relaxing bath of the year. In addition to candles, dim lighting, and relaxing music, here are a few other ways to elevate your relaxing bath experience. 

Flowers | My local flower shop sells flower pedals for $1-$2. I love to sprinkle them in my bath for an added touch that feels luxurious but keeps my wallet happy.

Diffuser | Essential oils are a bath time staple, but instead of just adding them to the water, I’ve taken to bringing my oil diffuser in the bathroom with me. The diffuser adds an extra boost of humidity to the air that makes you feel like you are in a rainforest. My diffuser has a setting that gives off a calming light which is a nice addition to your candles.

Extend Your Spine | Depending on the size of your tub, it can sometimes feel cramped in the bath. Since the whole point of taking a bath is to relax it’s important to extend your spine like you would during seated meditation. I’ve found the best way to do this is to clasp your hands at the base of your head, this opens the heart and helps you elongate the neck with gentle pulls.

Pranayama | One of the best times to practice your breath work is in the bath, you are already seated and working on relaxation. My favorite breath for this time is Nadi Shodhana, alternate nostril breathing, as it balances and calms.

Stay the Drain | This is the most “woo-woo” of all of my suggestions but I love it. As I end my bath I like to sit up straight and stay in the tub until all of the water is drained. I use the draining water as a metaphor of draining the stressors I may have taken in the bath with me. It’s the final release as you go back into your day with a fresh perspective, (and hydrated skin).

Happy relaxing!