Monday Mantra: Authenticity Isn’t Perfection

Social media advice, or business advice, is not something you typically see here on GMG. Actually, this blog isn’t about me giving advice at all. Instead, it’s a place I share reflections on day to day life in a way that might help you reflect on your own day to day, too.

But here it is this week, social media—a topic that we could all stand to reflect on a little more.

This weekend I was at the store with my husband—we were picking out a new house plant. He suggested that we buy a smaller (cheaper) plant and nurture it into a large plant. His thought?—we’d save money and the process would be more satisfying in the end.

We sat in the plant aisle for a good 10 minutes while I contemplated his idea, it took me a bit before I was sold on his plan. But, as soon as I was on board, what did I do? Try to share it.

I pulled out my phone and recorded myself. I said, “Here’s a tip..” and went on to explain our plan as if I had done it a million times before. The problem? I was full of shit. Was it a good idea? Yes. Did I know what I was talking about? Not really.

For those of you who follow along on my insta-stories, you’ll know, I did share that tip. But, not in the way I first wanted to. Instead of posting right away, I waited until I got home. The post that came then was real. I shared the idea and explained that I was giving it a try and I’d keep people posted on the plant’s growth.

In our insta-fast, 24-hour world, we are constantly under pressure to share, tell a story, and appear like we really have our sh*t together.

On top of that, if you’re a person with a passion who sees the opportunity to share that passion with the world through social media, not only do you have that pressure above, you’re also competing against thousands of others who are doing the same—doing it more—and doing it better.

That’s what I got caught up in at the plant store—insta-sharing for the sake of pushing out content.

So whether it’s sharing a passion on instagram, trying to “make it” in a business endeavor, or simply trying to help people in an authentic way—you have to become something before you can share something. You have to live it, learn it, struggle with it, and find ways out of that struggle. Before it is anything that can be part of a story, it has to be your story. If its not, it will fall flat.

This entire post is a really long way of saying, be authentic. But just saying that can be hard to apply in daily life. Of course we want to be authentic but sometimes we don’t realize that we’re not doing so. Insecurity and feelings of lack get in the way.

In my example above, I was going too fast and I was focused on “not having enough content” for the day which led me to not be my authentic self.

Anytime you can find the present, push past self-doubt, and share even the parts of yourself that aren’t pretty, that’s when you’re living your truth, learning, growing, and helping those around you.


Authenticity isn’t perfection. 

I am honest in the face of insecurity.

I share. I learn. I help.

Have a happy & healthy week!