Angel Numbers: Do You Have One?

Number sequences like 11:11, or 111 can be quite awing. People from all different backgrounds have talked about seeing certain number patterns appear to them over and over again at different times in their lives. The number sequence can change during different times in your life or can be the same sequence you see your whole life, it all depends on what message your angels, (or spirit guide or God or the Universe) feel they must send to send.

For some, they see the numbers, notice them and let them go while others enjoy deciphering the meaning of the numbers or the messages behind them. Truthfully though, if you notice something in your daily routine that makes you stop and think, maybe that gives you a feeling of trust or encouragement, then I say, why the heck not?! Here is the story of how I came to find my angel number. 

It was a sunny Sunday in Upstate, NY, my (now) husband and I were making the 45 minute drive to his Grandparent’s house. This is a drive we had done at least once a month since we had begun dating three years prior. It was a drive I knew well, pretty with lots of scenery that I would look at intently and passively on any given minute.

This Sunday was a good one, we were chatting about our dreams to move away and the goals we were hoping to achieve in the year to come. We were driving the very familiar road, passing by the very familiar houses when I unexpectedly looked up at a garage I had undoubtably seen several time before to notice a huge, I mean huge, spray painted “333.” It struck me, I wondered if I had seen it before, but without too much thought I  went right back to our conversation.

About 20 minutes later we came to our first stop light, behind a truck. I sat and stared for a minute and then noticed, the license plate, it read “333.” That is when I really took notice. That, and then again 5 minutes later when the street we turned onto happen to be the 300 block and sure enough a few seconds later we passed house number 333.   I’ve always been a spiritual girl researching dream meanings and reading angel cards so when I saw this sequence of numbers, I knew I had to pay attention.

The thing is, the way I saw it, I had two choices, to laugh and let it go or to use these signs and the feelings they gave me as outward hints of my intuition and inner guidance system. I mean I had driven that drive so many times before, passed the same garage and turned down the same street. Why was it that time that I noticed the numbers, why did that time they strike me? It is because they had to.

When I arrived home that day I went straight to the books of the angel guide expert herself, author, Doreen Virtue. Her words explained that our angels will leave us messages in easy to read forms like numbers. My number “333” explained that ascended teachers and masters are near to call on for guidance and support. Still to this day “333” follows me. Today for example, I saw it three times while in the midst of writing this post. To me, that is the power of my angels, my guides, working with me to help me reach my highest potential and serve the world in the most powerful way I can.

Do you have an experience where you’ve discovered an angel number? Tell us in the comments below!

With love,


Ps. If you’d like to learn more about angel numbers I suggest this book by Doreen Virtue. An excerpt from the book can be found here.