A Realistic Approach to Materialism

I find myself getting materialistic when I am stressed, unsure, and feeling insecure.

Why am I feeling insecure? Typically it’s because I am judging myself by what stage of life I feel like I should be in or I’m comparing my life to the countless pretty-housed & cutely-clothed bloggers, instagramers, and snappers I follow. That’s when I spiral into needing the newest cute pair of jeans that cost $245, the totally eco-friendly living room set and the house that costs far beyond what I can afford right now.

I am very aware of the mindful approach I must take to social media and most days I am really good about it, but it’s when I am facing challenges in my own plan that I feel the need to justify my life based on material items. Lucky for me, I know this, I’ve spent many years identifying my patterns and working through my blocks.

Mindful Material Girl

The thing is, we do live in a material world. To be free of materialistic wishes would mean you’d have to be a monk, and although an honorable life choice, that is not one the majority of us will make. Instead of feeling guilt for wanting material items, we must be mindful. Do you want this because you feel pressure because others have it or do you want it because it truly brings you joy? If it brings you joy, ultimately that means you have more joy to share with others. If you want it only as an outward sign of success or accomplishment then ditch the want and dig deeper to find what void you are actually looking to fill. I know I crave material things to justify my life’s choices.

What are your triggers? Next time you find yourself pining for an item, take note. Do you really want it or do you want what it represents? A healthy buyer is a mindful buyer and a mindful buyer doesn’t always have to buy.