A Few Things About Meditation

As my teacher Gina says, “meditation is like sitting in your poopy diaper.” From blogs to TV segments and even in the photos on our own instagram account, meditation is shown as a peaceful practice that helps you feel light and relaxed. That is all well and good and a lot of the time meditation can be used as a tool for calm, but as you meditate more you’ll learn that the more you sit, the harder it can get. 

A few things about the bad parts of your meditation practice:

It’s meant to be hard. Just as your yoga practice is not always easy, meditation is a tangible tool that is meant to teach you how to stay consistent through challenge.

  • It’s in the moments of chaos, (when you can’t stop thinking about your grocery list or you begin to relive an embarrassing childhood memory,) that your consciousness expands. The more you stick with your meditation, past the time you want to throw in the towel, you grow your capacity to withstand moments of challenge.
  • As you start to notice your threshold expand you dispel insecurities and gain a deeper sense of self. Self love turns into insignificance and so comes that reminder that we are all interconnected.

You are doing it right. So many times when meditation begins to feel hard we feel like we must be doing it wrong. Let me just say right now, you are not. See above.

Meditation was not meant to be something that you do for a few months and master. It’s a tool that continues to teach you something new each time you cross your legs and sit on your cushion. When the bad feelings come up, remind yourself that it’s in those moments where you are truly expanding and gaining the most.

Happy sitting.