Friday digs

Hey hey Friday, I’m pretty happy to see you. This weekend I have plans to hike, teach yoga, & fit in some much needed reading time. But first, it’s Friday digs.

How can you not want to make something that looks this pretty? Bonus, it seems like an easy recipe to follow, too.

This or this for mixing face and hair mask ingredients. And this because well, it’s gorgeous.

Air plants. I picked up an air plant a few weeks back and have it in a gold and glass container on my kitchen table. It’s so elegant, I really dig it. To make sure I keep this baby alive for a while I found this article to be very helpful.

I plan on diving into these free courses from my favorite school of Ayurveda this weekend.

Free the nipple. [hashtag, ha]. For the last several months I’ve taken to not wearing a bra in almost every scenario that is not professional, (and even in some that are). It truly is a liberating feeling. It makes me feel as though I am embracing my body in it’s most natural state and who doesn’t need more of that?

Mocktail of choice this week: frozen blueberries blended, mint, manuka honey & filtered water on ice.

Just ordered this book, I can’t wait until it lands on my doorstep!

Have a happy & healthy weekend!