Color Doesn’t Have to be Fake

This past weekend I set out to make my husband a birthday treat. He loves anything that is orange-creamsicle so I decided to make him an orange-creamsicle cheesecake. To my dismay every recipe I found called for food coloring, either orange or red and yellow mixed together.


I try to follow a whole-foods, mostly natural diet. To me, food is special. I love to cook and I enjoy making recipes but I never like to cover up food with too much flavor or artificial ingredients. In any case, I knew my husband wanted orange-creamsicle, so I was in between an orange and a hard place (ha, get it?!) (read more)


So, I started experimenting with how I could make the orange coloring of the cheesecake using something that wasn’t made out of synthetic chemicals. My first thought was to use oranges and orange juice, but the citrus is much too light in color to mix in with white cream cheese. I ultimately decided on carrot juice. I juiced one small carrot and added a little bit of OJ to it to mask the carrot taste and you know what, it totally worked!! Although I am still getting the swirling technique down (it doesn’t look too swirly yet,) the cake had it’s orange coloring without any artificial coloring. It is hard to tell in the photo but in person it totally looked that creamy orange color!


The icing on top of the cake, Aaron said it was the best thing he had ever tasted. I am going to take this first recipe as my first “win” in a new challenge for myself. Next time I come across a recipe that asks me to use food coloring, I refuse to use it and will instead experiment with whole foods until I find a better alternative.  Always keeping the kitchen fun, inventive and healthy. I invite you to do the same!

I found the recipe here. Just sub carrot juice/OJ mixture for the dye