A Quick Guide to Flavor Balancing

Balancing flavor in your dishes can take some practice and it took me some time to figure out, but does wonders for elevating your meals and is worth learning a few simple tips that can help. Ultimately, dishes should hit several notes that have components of saltiness, sweetness, acidity, and for me, a little bit of spice/heat.

In fact, in Ayurveda, it is recommended that dishes contain all 6 of the flavors to create a balanced meal and ensure adequate nutrition.

Here are a few simple things you can do to balance out the flavor of your culinary creations…

When something is too sweet…

  • try adding something with a little heat
  • try adding something with a bit of bitterness

When something is too spicy…

  • try adding a bit of salt
  • try adding something sweet

When something is too salty…

  • try adding something sweet
  • try adding something bitter

When something is too bitter…

  • try adding something salty
  • try adding something sweet

When something is too acidic…

  • try adding something sweet
  • try adding something bitter

Here is a fun diagram to help!



Shauna Keeler MS, RD