Weekly Mantra

Monday Mantra: Out of my Element

As mindful guys and gals we’ve done our inner work, at least some of it. We’ve looked at the parts of our personalities that could use more compassion or less fire and we’ve improved. One thing I’ve noticed about myself this past week is that when I get out of my daily routine those bad habits I’ve worked on in the past, like being overcritical of myself and others, can creep back up and try to take over my mind once again.

Monday Mantra: It’s Ok to be Open

When it comes to intimate details about myself, I’ve always been a very open person. If someone asks me about a certain situation and I’d tell them the truth, however weird or uncomfortable it was. Maybe not all the time—I follow basic social cues and try not to be too inappropriate—but if I’m having an honest conversation with a person, close friend, casual friend,  neighbor, or otherwise, I usually let the truth out when asked.

Truly, I’ve shared very intimate details about my life with people who had no business knowing them. And you know what? I’ve always been embarrassed about this quality of mine.

Monday Mantra: Really Do It, Self Care

We know the things we want to be working on; self care, meditation, reading that book, writing our own book. We say we are going to do it, we may even write it on our weekly to-do lists, yet more often than not those things we want to do get skipped over for the things we have to do. 

Monday Mantra: To Be Jealous

That girl. She bugs you. She has what you want. She does what you do, sometimes she does it better.

She’s working so hard to be something that you are also working so hard to be.

She bugs you.

She is you.

Monday Mantra: Voice Box

Any #SuperSoulSunday fans up in here? Thought so. Ditto.

In her interviews O always asks “what’s the thing that took you the longest to learn?” For me the thing I am still learning is to how to activate my voice and speak up for myself. This week’s mantra dives into that. 

Monday Mantra: The Nice Woman

I’ve been thinking about “the nice woman,” the role I was taught to play as a girl, and continue to play now in adulthood. Specificaly, I’ve been thinking about how the “nice woman” plays out in my interactions with others—not my close friends and loved ones—just people that I come across in work and throughout the day. The “nice woman” is overly friendly. She actually is genuine. She actually does care about being nice to the people she interacts with. But she also knows that she must play this role. Society expects it of her.