Weekly Mantra

Monday Mantra: The Silliest Question

Recently I’ve found myself asking this question — “has something actually happened if another person doesn’t know about it?” Meaning, do I even count it as an experience if I can’t share it with another? Will it live on in my memory if it were never validated by another person’s approval?

The obvious answer is yes, it still counts. But I’m not looking for the answer to that question — I know it’s a silly question. What I’m more interested in is finding out why I feel compelled to ask the question at all.

Monday Mantra: On The Eve Of A Birthday

On my 31st birthday I was full of insight. I had reflected on a lot. I had a lot to say. I was feeling solid in who I was. I was feeling content and secure. On the eve of my 32nd birthday I’m not feeling as confident. I’ve just been dealt a hard card and I’m not sure what to do with it yet. (More on that to come in the next few weeks.)

Last year I wrote about “becoming adult” and this year I really feel like one, and the more I embrace my adult self the more I become comfortable with not having answers. Right now, today, I have a lot of questions and almost no answers. But I do know one thing, the woman who wrote last year’s post was filled with answers and that woman will be back again soon. And so I sit and listen to my last year self and remember that she’s in me right now too.


Friday Digs

Hey hey, Friday! Happy weekend to you! I sincerely hope you have the sweetest, happiest weekend filled with all of your favorite things.

And in celebration of Mother’s Day, a big shoutout to the woman who always makes me feel love, cared for, and worthy. And who taught me the foundations of mindfulness my whole life. I love you Mom.

But now, it’s Friday Digs!

Monday Mantra: I Choose Joy

I choose joy. It’s that simple, right? Right—that’s why we’re all walking around wearing smiles of joy all day every day. (Cue teenage eye roll.)

But really, this week I want to focus on joy. And more importantly, the fact that it truly is a choice.

Monday Mantra: Encompassing Om

In the spirit of the mantra I shared on Friday, be easy on yourself, I listened to my body this weekend and took a break from writing. But, I didn’t take a break from reading. I scoured old posts and came across one of my favorites—a look into om.

Om, it’s like the gateway drug of chanting. You might hum the word awkwardly along with your yoga teacher at first, but eventually you start to get comfortable with it– maybe you even start to like it. Depending on the background you follow, om can be defined differently. My favorite part of this mantra is the vibrational feel I experience in my body as I vocalize it.

Monday Mantra: I am Over Fear

When I set out to write this week’s mantra, I didn’t realize it at the time, but this is “eyes on your own paper” part two. But this week I’m not talking about looking to other people for the answers. Instead, I’m looking at the moments when we let other people’s fears become our own.

Monday Mantra: Eyes On Your Own Paper

“Eyes on your own paper” is a command I remember hearing a lot in my days of middle school—and though it’s a direction I never thought would be important to me past the ring of the bell in my teen years, I’m realizing now that it can be quite imperative to follow as an adult.