Weekly Mantra

Monday Mantra: I Can Receive

Recently I was among a group of high achievers—I mean, HIGH achievers. CEOs, million dollar entrepreneurs, activists, artists, women. All. Women. All who have accomplished a lot. All who had a lot to say. Words of wisdom, motivation, and courage. But one theme that stretched across the conversations was the topic of worth—and more specifically the lack of worth that we all feel at one time or another.

Monday Mantra: I’ll Be Here Again

When I’ve made it to a perfect moment in time, I don’t think “okay, I’m done, it’s finished.” I’m not done, it’s not finished. Instead I relish in the magic that is the moment and I say, “thanks, but I’ll be here again.”

Picture this. I am under the stars and the deep night’s sky, in a warm salt-water tub surrounded by redwood trees. And, I’m being paid to be there. Not only that, but the person who is paying me, believes in me, has invested in me, and challenges me to use and learn new skills daily.

Monday Mantra: Be Gentle

“Be quiet my love, it’s okay to say nothing,” I say as I close my eyes and remind myself to be gentle.

So what is it to be gentle? Well, to be harsh is to care too much, to overthink, to push through something without a full thought—mostly it means that you’ve gone outside of yourself for affirmation. To be gentle on yourself is to release the need to please, (yourself or another,) and instead listen to the little parts of self that ask for quiet, solitude, and care.

Monday Mantra: I’m Freaking Cray & That’s Okay

Whether it’s the full moon, or just the intensity of life, lately I’ve noticed myself falling into “the cray”—those small parts of self that get carried away by over-thinking, untruths, and too much trust in the ego.

My crazy self has taken over a time or two too much in the last week, but as the mindful practice goes, I’ve been able to witness myself engaging in those crazy feelings. But you know what? I’m here to say something I never thought I’d say. It’s time to stop being mindful. Well—at least for a minute.

Monday Mantra: I Take Myself Out of Defense

It’s purely a coincidence that the week leading up to the Super Bowl the theme of the mantra is defense. But considering I am not an avid sports watcher and knowing you definitely didn’t come here for game advice—we’re talking defense off the field. It’s the defense that we take part in daily, without realizing it.

Monday Mantra: I’ve Got Time For That

A few weeks ago I wrote this mantra, ain’t nobody got time for that. That mantra encouraged us to drop the bull of overthinking and a constant need to please so we could focus on the good stuff—compassion for others, creativity, and self-love.

So this week’s mantra focuses on just that—time invested on self. Self care? Yeah, we’ve got time for that.

Monday Mantra: Authenticity Isn’t Perfection

Social media advice, or business advice, is not something you typically see here on GMG. Actually, this blog isn’t about me giving advice at all. Instead, it’s a place I share reflections on day to day life in a way that might help you reflect on your own day to day, too.

But here it is this week, social media—a topic that we could all stand to reflect on a little more.