Weekly Mantra

Monday Mantra: I Am Of Service

This month I have been feeling the call of service, and even more than that, a deep need in our day to day lives to share kindness with one another. This week, along with the mantra, I’m sharing a few alternative ideas to inspire your own random acts of kindness. (This goes beyond the coffee line.)

Monday Mantra: I Let Go Of Control

If you follow along with even one wellness website or insta account, it’s likely you’ve read about last night’s full moon—Supermoon, in gemini, Mercury in retrograde—there’s a lot of talk about what it all means for our well-being and energy levels.

But is all of that talk and hype around the moon just another way for us to try and control another thing that cannot be controlled?

What if instead of trying to control it all by figuring out how to use the moon’s energy for our benefit, we simply let go?

Monday Mantra: The Holiday Distraction

Thanksgiving is over, but holiday season is in full swing. The party invitations are rolling in and the sales are popping into your email every few minutes. Whether you’re a full on jingle-bell-lover or side better with a scrooge—one thing that is hard to escape is the distraction of the holidays.

Monday Mantra: Singular Thoughts

My time. My money. My travel plans. My holiday.

Have you been caught up in the my preparing for the holiday week? If you have, that’s normal. It’s something just about everyone can relate to most times of times of the year, but especially as we get into holiday season.

Monday Mantra: What Traffic Taught Me

This Monday Mantra is brought to you by traffic. Yes traffic—bumper to bumper—late for work—traffic. But more importantly, a lesson I’m learning from my time spent in traffic.

Monday Mantra: I Hear You

I say a lot on this blog, but sometimes what I say the most is “I”.

This week I say “I” in a different sense, this week I say, “I hear you.”

Monday Mantra: Agency

As most writers  do, I love words. Love ’em. Finding new ones, dissecting old ones, repurposing generic ones. Every now and again I get stuck on a word that seems to speak to those pieces inside of me that I hadn’t yet been able to identify. Those feelings that flow through my body without a name, until at last I hear the word and it all makes sense. The word of the moment for me right now?


That brings us to today’s mantra.

Monday Mantra: Out of My Element

As mindful guys and gals we’ve done our inner work, at least some of it. We’ve looked at the parts of our personalities that could use more compassion or less fire and we’ve improved. One thing I’ve noticed about myself this past week is that when I get out of my daily routine those bad habits I’ve worked on in the past, like being overcritical of myself and others, can creep back up and try to take over my mind once again.