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Monday Mantra: I Am Not a Chickenshit

Chickenshit isn’t the prettiest word, but it was appropriate for today.

I was talking to a friend yesterday about how to listen to your inner voice. We both expressed that though we try to listen to ourselves—sometimes we can’t determine what is real and what is just anxiety or doubt. As we contemplated, she blurted out, “ya know I have to remember, I’ve done a lot of things in my life, I’m not a chickenshit. Why can’t I remember that in the face of doubt?” And so began, this week’s mantra. 

Kundalini Meditaion: Radiance Kriya

Kundalini Yoga—in some circles it’s called “the weird yoga”—in other circles it’s called the yoga of awareness.

Kundalini is a practice that guides us to send energy in, out, and through the body. It uses breathing and movement techniques targeted at specific systems within the physical and energetic body. In some practices you stick your tongue out and roar, in others you balance on your fingers and toes and bounce up and down for 5 minutes straight. It depends on the practice and your desired outcome.

Monday Mantra: Empowerment Now

What is empowerment?

Speaking up when you feel called to. Standing your ground to defend your worth. Giving. It can be a lot of things, but to me, empowerment starts with recognizing the now.

Monday Mantra: I Am My Own Advocate

“Say no.” It’s become such a powerful quote in the name of mindfulness—so much so that I’ve started to ignore it. I’ve started to label it as cliché and unimportant. [Oh how our arrogance is never far, even in the practice of mindfulness.]

So, last night I hit play on a favorite podcast of mine, Dear Sugar with Cheryl Strayed and Steve Almond. The topic was “no” and I honestly didn’t think it pertained to me too much, but I listened anyway because it’s my favorite and because Oprah was the guest, (rule in my book—if it involves the big “O”, you pay attention.)

I already had today’s mantra written, but after listening I knew that this week’s mantra had to be about saying “no”. Not because I thought you needed it—but because I did. 

Are you a lifestyle guru? Do you want to be?

A few weeks back my inbox was pinged with a sweet message from Shauna. She had recently stopped contributing regularly to GMG and I was still in the process of transitioning the content. What originally started as a collaborative blog combining Shauna’s passion for healthy eating, my passion for spiritual exploration, and our mutual love of yoga has now been given a much more dialed theme.

Monday Mantra: On The Defense

Queue the song, “we will rock you,” put on your favorite sporting gear—this week’s mantra is all about the defense.

When You Can’t Stop Shopping

At any given moment you can find about 15 different online stores in my browser history with countless items that I’ve left in the virtual shopping bag. Online shopping, it’s for me. But as much as I love to browse, I have to be careful not to overdo it. Not for sake of my bank account, (don’t worry I’m not buying it all,) but because of lack mentality.

Lack mentality happens when your focus is on external satisfaction. It usually happens when you are feeling insecure and doubtful, and can be linked to not enough time for reflection or self care. It can happen easily and when scrolling through social media, it can happen daily.