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Monday Mantra: Self, I Love You

Self-love. In our teens it’s hard to grasp, in our 20’s it comes and goes, and in our 30’s we begin to encompass it.

Self-love—it’s acceptance, understanding, and gratitude for life itself.

Spirtuality: Why Signs Matter

The other day I was having a particularly stressful morning. As I was driving to work, I looked to my left and saw a license plate with the numbers “333,” which as you might recall from a previous post is my angel number. Seeing “333,” a number that has deep meaning to me, during a moment of stress was instantly reassuring and calming.

In the mindful community special numbers, symbols, and even superstitions are common. But why do those signs give us comfort? Do they really mean anything at all ?

My Favorite Tools for Self Connection

As fall approaches, we start to feel calls to turn inward, honor the cycles that have passed, and reconnecting to our deeper selves.
A self connected person is able to identify their emotions, listen to their intuition and follow their heart. When you are more connected to your deeper sense of self, it is easier to drop the societal pressure of “norms” and act from a place of love and knowing. Here are my favorite tools for strengthening self connection.

The Art of Not Settling Part 2: Self Value

Last week I wrote about The Art of Not Settling and living creatively, or making choices based on your intuition as opposed to other people’s expectations. “Not settling” begins and ends with your self value. A strong value of self gives you courage to ask for what you need and continue to work toward the fulfillment that your inner guidance system yearns for.

But what is the difference between not settling and working with what you’ve got?

Creative Living And The Art of Not Settling

Creative Living 

It’s when you move beyond what society has taught you life “should” look like and instead build a life that you’ve chosen wholeheartedly. For the record, even the seemingly “normal” choices can still be part of living creatively if they are chosen based on love and not guilt or a need for control.

Living creatively means to strengthen your intuition and learn how to recognize your inner guidance system.

Monday Mantra: All About Beauty

The beauty. You’ve seen her. All over social media.

Dewey skin, rose petal cheeks, no-makeup, and a glow that comes from the inside out because she drinks green juice and Ayurvedic herbs and has cleared her home of toxins.

A New Ritual: I Feel Strongly About That

It’s no secret that I am fan of celebrating the cycles of the moon. Specifically during the full moon, I find it comforting to engage in some type of self-connection routine. This full moon that self-connection celebration came in the form of “I feel strongly” statements.