Guru Mind

Honoring The Season’s Change

Last night we celebrated of one of the biggest fall milestones—Halloween—inching us closer to the end of the fall season. As more leaves hit the pavement and the nights turn cooler, I’ve began to reflect on cycles.

Monday Mantra: Out of My Element

As mindful guys and gals we’ve done our inner work, at least some of it. We’ve looked at the parts of our personalities that could use more compassion or less fire and we’ve improved. One thing I’ve noticed about myself this past week is that when I get out of my daily routine those bad habits I’ve worked on in the past, like being overcritical of myself and others, can creep back up and try to take over my mind once again.

Guru Mind: I Don’t Have An Inner Voice

Almost every week I refer to “your inner voice,” but what does that actually mean? It’s a deep sense of self-value, taking action that honors that value, and constantly pushing against societal norms. At least, that’s where my inner voice guides me.

Mostly people are open to the message of their inner voice or inner guidance system, but on occasion I have people say to me “I don’t have an inner voice,” or even more, “I don’t know what it sounds like.”

Monday Mantra: The Push

Our culture for many years was one that valued the push, the drive, the over extension of our days in order to achieve success. And make no mistake, our culture still values those things. Though recently, another message has been taking the airwaves—the message to slow down, to enjoy the moment, to be easy on ourselves.

I am all about slowing down and enjoying the present, but this week’s mantra is going back to the push. But, the push with awareness. The push that so many of us crave. It’s the internal push that encourages us not only to listen to our inner voice, but to act on it.

Your Inner Compass

Creative living – when we make choices based on our inner compass as opposed to from a set of rules of life we were taught as kids. I’ve gotten pretty good at following my inner compass but one of the hardest struggles I find in choosing to live creatively is justifying my decisions to others.

Move Past Lack Mentality

Creative Living – to move beyond what you feel you “should” do according to outside pressure to live in a way that truly feels right.

Lack mentality – when you are hyper-focused on what you have lost in the past or what you are going to get in the future.