Winter Wellness Kitchen Staples

It may not be officially winter, but t he date is all the same to me. Once my cozy sweaters are out and the heat is on, all of my winter wellness habits kick right on. Here are my winter wellness kitchen staples for this time of year.

Confession: this picture is all thanksgiving and little wellness—but you get the gist, right?

Mindful Eating Practice

An old teacher of mine taught me this mindful eating exercise—I try to incorporate it into meal time 2-3 times per week. Every time I do it I feel strongly nurtured and fulfilled from my meal.

Friday Digs

Happy Friday! You know those times in your life when you can literally feel yourself growing and incorporating new healthy habits into your day to day life? This week has been one of those weeks for me–transition, growth, and a renewed sense of passion. Here is Friday Digs.

Stay Balanced This Summer With Ayurveda

When I started practicing yoga regularly, one of the first things I learned about was Ayurveda—I was lucky to have a teacher who blended Ayurvedic principles into her classes. Since then it has become the driving force of my wellness practice. Ayurveda is a preventative medicine that teaches you to align your daily habits with the natural world around you.

The best part of Ayurveda is that it can be easily applied, and doesn’t have to cost any extra money. You simply pay attention to what’s happening around you and adjust as needed. According to Ayurveda, summer is pitta (fire) season. Traditionally in Ayurveda, you pacify whatever quality is dominant at the time by incorporating its opposite into your routine. During pitta season you should balance the heat and busy summer schedules by eating more raw foods and building relaxation into your schedule.

Here are some of my favorite pitta pacifying habits to help get you through summer.

Wanna Matcha?

Whether you are a matcha fan or not–I bet you’ll be a fan of Ashley Townend. She’s the founder of Wanna Matcha?–a pop up shop that serves matcha mocktails around Boise. Not only are her unique drinks delicious, (I’m looking at you unicorn matcha), but her and her husband Austin are all smiles every Saturday at their pop up booth at the Boise Farmer’s Market. If you’re not local to Boise Ashley’s still got plenty of matcha knowledge to pass on and this week she’s sharing it with us.