Mindful Musings For A Modern Life 

This space serves two purposes.

First, it recognizes that you already have everything you need to be your own guru. Each morning, you have the opportunity to greet your guru—you!

Second, it’s explores Applied Mindfulness through daily exploration of the mundane and the extraordinary.

What is Applied Mindfulness?

It’s not just for your yoga teacher anymore.

What makes you mindful today, might not make you mindful tomorrow. It’s a practice that cannot be defined by good or bad habits. Instead, it’s a steady continuous practice that’s only solid quality is commitment.

As you continue to invite a mindful practice into your life, remember that applied mindfulness is not always done with a smile, it’s done despite one. A mindful person looks at situations from all sides, and not only does she look — she aims to understand, too.

What to Expect.

Every Monday I publish a new mantra for the week. And Wednesday and Friday follow with new content centered around living vibrantly.

Thank you for reading. Here’s to a mindful you!



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