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The Authoritative Empath

On Monday I mentioned that this week’s content would be dedicated to the empaths. Yes, you. The hypersensitive, totally in-tune, rocking empath who is constantly taking care of the emotional well-being of others, even when she’s not asked to.

Your compassion is fierce and admirable, and despite what some people might say–your ability to look at situations through the eyes of others makes you the powerful change agent that we need more of in this world. But the same tendencies that make you a strong empath can also make it hard to be authoritative in certain situations.

Monday Mantra: For The Empaths

Empaths are hypersensitive. When they see another person in pain, they don’t just sympathize with that person, they take on that pain and try to process it as their own. It’s a beautiful quality. One of intuition, compassion, and love. But empaths can tune in so deeply to another’s distress that it can negatively impact their day to day lives.

Monday Mantra: I am Over Fear

When I set out to write this week’s mantra, I didn’t realize it at the time, but this is “eyes on your own paper” part two. But this week I’m not talking about looking to other people for the answers. Instead, I’m looking at the moments when we let other people’s fears become our own.

Monday Mantra: Eyes On Your Own Paper

“Eyes on your own paper” is a command I remember hearing a lot in my days of middle school—and though it’s a direction I never thought would be important to me past the ring of the bell in my teen years, I’m realizing now that it can be quite imperative to follow as an adult.

Monday Mantra: Aint Nobody Got Time For That

If you’ve been a reader of this blog throughout the years, you’ll know that one of my biggest challenges in day to day life is to live for my authentic self while balancing my natural instinct of constant people pleasing. I’ve written about it here, here, and most recently here. After I published last week’s post there was an outpouring of readers who described struggling with the same thing.

Giving Up in 2018

First things first, it’s 2018, happy New Year!

In the third year of GMG I’ll be laying out more content, guided meditations, and tools for self-connection. I am so grateful for your readership and happy to share this next year of growth with you.

I know it’s New Year’s and not lent, but as I look into 2018, my resolutions aren’t to add more to my to-do list, instead it’s to give things up—especially when it comes to self-talk.

Monday Mantra: I Am My Own Advocate

“Say no.” It’s become such a powerful quote in the name of mindfulness—so much so that I’ve started to ignore it. I’ve started to label it as cliché and unimportant. [Oh how our arrogance is never far, even in the practice of mindfulness.]

So, last night I hit play on a favorite podcast of mine, Dear Sugar with Cheryl Strayed and Steve Almond. The topic was “no” and I honestly didn’t think it pertained to me too much, but I listened anyway because it’s my favorite and because Oprah was the guest, (rule in my book—if it involves the big “O”, you pay attention.)

I already had today’s mantra written, but after listening I knew that this week’s mantra had to be about saying “no”. Not because I thought you needed it—but because I did. 

Monday Mantra: I Justify Myself

I had a bad day. And I told literally everyone about it. Friday, after hours of freaking out about tech issues, sore bones, and electrical problems in my house, I realized that in an attempt to justify my bad day, I needed everyone else to tell me how bad it was. After I calmed down and took some time to reflect, I realized this is a bad habit that I used to let creep into my life quite a bit, and though I don’t do it as much these days, I still have major moments when I seek assurance from outside sources. So the healing begins; it’s not simply that I need to change my habit of seeking outward sources to justify my life, the deeper truth is that I need to strengthen my trust in myself.