November 2017

Winter Wellness Kitchen Staples

It may not be officially winter, but t he date is all the same to me. Once my cozy sweaters are out and the heat is on, all of my winter wellness habits kick right on. Here are my winter wellness kitchen staples for this time of year.

Confession: this picture is all thanksgiving and little wellness—but you get the gist, right?

Monday Mantra: The Holiday Distraction

Thanksgiving is over, but holiday season is in full swing. The party invitations are rolling in and the sales are popping into your email every few minutes. Whether you’re a full on jingle-bell-lover or side better with a scrooge—one thing that is hard to escape is the distraction of the holidays.

Friday Digs

Attitude gratitude. This time last year I was essentially homeless (by choice,) living out of a suite case with only an idea of what my next month might bring. This year I am settled in a city that I would have never guessed that I’d live and couldn’t be happier experiencing life in this space right now. Control and safety nets are overrated – the unknown is really where it’s at.

I hope your enjoying the Thanksgiving weekend. I’ll be kicking around Boise the bulk of the weekend but spending this morning enjoying some down time in bed. But first, it’s Friday Digs.

Monday Mantra: Singular Thoughts

My time. My money. My travel plans. My holiday.

Have you been caught up in the my preparing for the holiday week? If you have, that’s normal. It’s something just about everyone can relate to most times of times of the year, but especially as we get into holiday season.

Mo’ Money, Less Problems

I spent $300 on one shirt. And though that may seem extravagant, it was that action that helped me step into the power of my own self-worth.

Monday Mantra: What Traffic Taught Me

This Monday Mantra is brought to you by traffic. Yes traffic—bumper to bumper—late for work—traffic. But more importantly, a lesson I’m learning from my time spent in traffic.

Friday Digs

Happy Friday! I’m looking forward to a weekend of exploring with the puppy and catching up with friends.

But first, it’s Friday Digs.

Honoring The Season’s Change

Last night we celebrated of one of the biggest fall milestones—Halloween—inching us closer to the end of the fall season. As more leaves hit the pavement and the nights turn cooler, I’ve began to reflect on cycles.