June 2017

Friday Digs

Happy Friday! My only plans this weekend are to sit back and relax, and I couldn’t be happier about that. Let’s get right to Friday Digs! 

When You Can’t Stop Shopping

At any given moment you can find about 15 different online stores in my browser history with countless items that I’ve left in the virtual shopping bag. Online shopping, it’s for me. But as much as I love to browse, I have to be careful not to overdo it. Not for sake of my bank account, (don’t worry I’m not buying it all,) but because of lack mentality.

Lack mentality happens when your focus is on external satisfaction. It usually happens when you are feeling insecure and doubtful, and can be linked to not enough time for reflection or self care. It can happen easily and when scrolling through social media, it can happen daily.

Monday Mantra: I Check-In

Have you ever been to a yoga class where the teacher begins by asking you to “check-in” with yourself? This week’s mantra will do the same.

Friday Digs

It’s officially summer and I couldn’t be happier. This weekend’s plans include a book at the park and some creative time with my summer favorites in the kitchen. Here’s Friday digs!

Monday Mantra: I Will Listen

Regularly on this platform I encourage you—and myself—to get quiet and listen. Most of the time the focus is on self connection and so I write to listen to yourself, to your fear, and to your gut.

Friday Digs

Happy Friday! I’ve been in California working all week and it’s been busy, but it’s also been a lot of fun. I am looking forward to a quiet weekend filled with meditation, yoga, and the farmer’s market.

Here’s Friday Digs!

A Meditation To Return Inward

I love to put my hands on chest. Right where my collarbone meets my neck.

Have you ever tried this? Like not at heart center and not in prayer, but simply one hand on top of the other at the top of your chest where a necklace might hang. It’s not the obvious place to rest your hands, but man does it feel good

Here is my favorite meditation for returning inward when I’m feeling stressed.