May 2017

A Few Things To Do About Your Fire

Although the summer solstice is still a few weeks away, to me Memorial weekend is when summer really begins. That means–drum roll please–it’s fire season! No, not the kind of fire that my husband works on (he’s a Wildland Firefighter), I mean fire season according to Ayurveda. This time of year the temperature is hot, the days are long, and the activities are in excess. If you aren’t careful you can end up burning the candle at both ends and aggravating your inner fire, your agni. As the season raises the fire around your external environment it’s up to you to check in on your internal fire, which if untended can wreak havoc but when tended to can help you flourish.

Friday Digs

What a great week it’s been! My Mom came into town yesterday so I am looking forward to a special weekend with her in Boise. Here is a round up of what made me smile this week.

Good Morning Gurus!

Good morning! Thank you to the Guru readers for your support and celebrations yesterday. I can’t wait for you all to see what both Shauna and I have on the horizon as we split off into our different fields. Although she won’t be a regular contributor on GMG, I will definitely be keeping our readers in touch with what she has going on. As far as this blog goes, I’ve never had a more clear grasp on just what I want to share with you, the reader.

Thank You Gurus

Good morning gurus <3

Holly and I started collaborating on Good Morning Guru over 1 year ago. Can you believe it?! Since that time, it’s been an amazing exploration for both of us as we continue to refine our skills and our message. It has been such an incredible opportunity for both of us – personally and professionally and I am so grateful for this wonderful experience. 

Monday Mantra: Without Fear

What would happen if you were to truly live believing in the notion that you have nothing to fear? You are held, taken care of, being watched over, and being sent love just by simply being and doing and paying attention.

I think for some people this could feel too idealistic. It might even feel too religious like I am talking about an unseen being that you don’t believe in. But stay with me for a minute. Because, wouldn’t it be helpful to live without the weight of fear? Wouldn’t it be nice to take action without first contemplating hundreds of questions? Wouldn’t it feel lighter? Don’t we all just want to feel lighter?

What Does a Sign Mean?

Are you a sign seeker? I’ve found, when it comes to looking for signs to give you clarity on a certain situation–you either are or you aren’t. But if you are, how much trust do you put into it? And if you aren’t, is it because you feel it’s too “woo-woo” to consider?


The Surprising Benefit of Exercise

We all know that exercise is good for us, but if you’re looking for another reason to add more physical activity into your routine, read on!

I Became An Adult Today

I became an adult today. More traditionally, I became an adult when I turned 18, and when I turned 21, and then again when I got married. But today, on my 31st birthday, I can finally say that I have let myself become an adult.