April 2017

What We Dig

Happy Friday!! We are both looking forward to a beautiful spring weekend. Here’s what we dig!

Meditation Through Movement: I Bow To You

The yoga practice should be one of presence. Sometimes that means you focus on staying in the moment, witnessing your breath, your movement, and your surroundings. Other times that means, directing the energy you are cultivating through your practice toward something that elevates your consciousness and encourages mental and physical growth.

In season vegetables

12 Vegetables In Season Right Now

As we head into the warmer weather, there is so much beautiful produce to look forward to. May, in particular, kicks off the season where local, seasonal produce is simple to find.

Monday Mantra: I Choose Love

“Choose love over fear”. It’s a saying that rolls off the tongue so easily that its meaning can quickly get lost in the share-worthy essence of its four words. Despite its overuse, “choose love over fear” is a powerful mantra and one I’d like us to reclaim in this week’s mantra.

What We Dig

What a week, Happy Friday! Here is what brought smiles to our faces this week…


Eating for the Earth

Although we are grateful for the earth everyday, Earth Day (being celebrated this Saturday) is a great time to bring awareness to a major planetary crisis. To celebrate this special day, I wanted to talk a bit about how our food choices not only keep ourselves healthy, but our planet healthy too.

Dietary habits

Redesigning Dietary Habits

So many of the dietary choices we make are simply due to habits. Although some habits may naturally be beneficial – like packing a nutritious lunch for work every day – many simply don’t serve us.