March 2017

What We Dig

Happy Friday! Here’s our digs from the week!

A Simple Meditation to Stay Present

Tap into the present moment with this simple three step meditation. The goal of this meditation is to notice without judgement and release contemplation. This meditation guides you to listen, feel and observe.

Simple Food Ideas for Entertaining on a Whim

Entertaining is something in my blood – I come from a big family and we’re always having people over for one reason or another. It’s something I love doing in my apartment, but busy lives and NYC logistics sometimes makes it tricky to get a few simple dishes ready for when company is expected – or even not so expected…

Monday Mantra: Engagement is my Strength

Last week’s mantra encouraged engagement in situations– specifically when it comes to letting go of what people expect from you to instead, follow your own inner compass, (however insignificant that might feel at the time). This notion is one that guides me daily so I wanted to expand on it more this week.

What We Dig

Happy Friday! Holly has friends visiting this weekend and Shauna is working at IIN’s conference!

Black Bean Brownie Recipe

These brownies are gluten free and vegan with an extra protein punch! I love desserts that you can feel good about and these definitely fall into that category – with just a touch of sweetness and a smidge of balsamic reduction to give them a bit of depth, these babies are exactly what you want to reach for as a late afternoon snack.

Mantra Sprinkles Throughout Your Day

Mantras aren’t just something I write every Monday, when it comes to my day to day routine, mantras and spirituality are weaved into it all. These habits are my personal ways to connect to myself throughout the day. However “woo-woo” they may feel, I encourage you to be open. It’s not necessarily about the actual thing I do, it’s about how I’ve found little ways to bring a smile to myself throughout each day.