February 2017

Transitioning to a Plant-based Diet

Going plant-based can be a major shift from what many of us are used to. Nearly everything we’re surrounded by is a far cry from actual plant foods. Still, if we can avoid being influenced by our food environment, this eating style helps support longevity, decreases inflammation, and reduces environmental stress when compared with diets that rely more heavily on animal foods.

Monday Mantra: The Full Picture of Happiness

If you follow us on the gram (insta that is), you’ll know that I wrote briefly about happiness over the weekend. Just like my quest for love a few weeks back, happiness can be quite generalized in today’s world as it is up for interpretation. Your happiness is not like my own and so a definition is null. The quest for happiness though, is one we all participate in daily. 

What We Dig

Happy Friday! Here are a few things that inspired us this week!

Another Type of Food Waste

Food waste is something I’ve discussed on the blog before, but a new finding has me thinking of a different kind of a “waste” of food. A new research paper has determined that approximately 20% of all food produced worldwide is lost. This comes not only from the traditional way we think of food waste and how I’ve discussed it previously, but 10% of that can be attributed to overeating.

I Shop Like I Like Myself

I shop like I like myself, but that wasn’t always the case (though I never realized that). For years I had “nothing to wear” in a closet full to the brim. Many moons of self reflection later it became clear that there were two major blocks that were keeping me from realizing my self worth: the first was my relationship to my body and the second was my relationship to money. My lack of self worth manifested in several tangible areas of my life, my closet included. If you have a lack of self acceptance, your actions mirror those hidden beliefs, which leads to a life built on a foundation of self doubt.

The Food/Mood Connection

Our diet has much more to do with our mood than we often realize. If you’re like me, you may notice yourself getting a little cranky if you’re hungry (the word hangry describes this perfectly) or you may find yourself feeling pleasant after a delicious meal – the foods we eat affect our mood on a chemical level.

Monday Mantra: I Justify Myself

I had a bad day. And I told literally everyone about it. Friday, after hours of freaking out about tech issues, sore bones, and electrical problems in my house, I realized that in an attempt to justify my bad day, I needed everyone else to tell me how bad it was. After I calmed down and took some time to reflect, I realized this is a bad habit that I used to let creep into my life quite a bit, and though I don’t do it as much these days, I still have major moments when I seek assurance from outside sources. So the healing begins; it’s not simply that I need to change my habit of seeking outward sources to justify my life, the deeper truth is that I need to strengthen my trust in myself. 

What We Dig

Happy Friday! We hope you had an enjoyable week. Here’s what we dug about our weeks.