October 2016

Monday Mantra: It’s Not So Serious

Although happy and go lucky to the external world, internally I can get fairly intense. Whether I am anticipating an upcoming change or analyzing why I’m not changing, I can find myself quite easily in a spiral of “everything has to work out perfectly,” or “I must pay attention to every-little-detail, all. of. the. time.” Not only does that thought process make for a stark contrast to my mindful practice, it also holds me back from truly enjoying what’s around at any given moment. 

Monday Mantra: Protect Your Power

If you’ve read any mindful books or even one inspirational instagram quote, you’ve seen the call to “protect your power.” On a large scale that is mostly easy. We can recognize someone who is outwardly aggressive toward us and get ourselves out of those situations. On a smaller scale, harsh vibes can be harder to navigate.

What We Dig

Happy Friday ya’ll. This is an extra special weekend for the GMG crew, Shauna & Holly will be together! Here is a roundup of what we dig this week.

Spicy Butternut Squash Soup with Pomegranate Arils

Here is a flavorful and colorful soup that is packed with vitamin A and antioxidants. The soup will be spicier the more chili seeds are left in, but the pomegranate arils balance it nicely if you’re feeling bold! 🌶

When You Don’t Want to Yoga

This is for those moments when you have the time but lack the motivation to roll out your yoga mat and practice. When we attach a deeper connection to our movement, our practice is transformational to body and mind. This is my favorite group of sanskrit words related to our movement based practice, they serve as a reminder that our asana practice is far more than the 6-pack abs and perfect handstand. Yoga is the best tool for elevating our mind and ushering our bodies and minds toward peace. 

Sneaky Factors That Lead to Overeating

Have you ever finished a big meal and thought to yourself, “Why did I eat so much?” Well…there are a bunch of reasons why we might overeat. We make an estimated 250 food decisions each day and most of the food decisions we make, we don’t even realize we’re making. Many of these unconscious decisions lead us to overeat. A few extra calories here and there won’t do a ton of harm, but constantly eating more than we need will end up causing us to put on weight, which increases our risks for chronic diseases down the road.

Monday Mantra: Out of My Element

As mindful guys and gals we’ve done our inner work, at least some of it. We’ve looked at the parts of our personalities that could use more compassion or less fire and we’ve improved. One thing I’ve noticed about myself this past week is that when I get out of my daily routine those bad habits I’ve worked on in the past, like being overcritical of myself and others, can creep back up and try to take over my mind once again.

What We Dig

Yay for Friday! This is a special one for Holly, she’s headed to a very close friend’s wedding in upstate NY and Shauna is chilling in Brooklyn. Here is a roundup of what is keeping us healthy and grounded this week.