September 2016

What We Dig This Week

It’s been a beautiful fall week! Holly is finishing up her last week as an Idaho Falls resident and Shauna is starting to plan her wedding. Here is what we dig this week!

Mindful Meal Prep

The week always goes so much smoother when I plan a few simple meals ahead of time that aren’t super involved but still taste delicious. This requires a bit of mindful planning during the weekend, but here are a few tips I’ve developed to make the process as easy as possible.

Your Inner Compass

In two weeks I begin a three month journey that includes leaving my day job, traveling across country by car (twice), vacationing in South Africa with my husband for three weeks, and then moving to a new city with no job or apartment set into place yet. When I tell some circles of people this I am met with celebration and applause, while in others I receive worried and confused looks finished off with a nervous smile.

Mind you, my choices are not that crazy, I still lead a fairly basic life when it comes to societal norms. I am married and plan on having babies and buying a house and following all of the rules that make an upstanding citizen. Yet, I have definitely decided to do it at my own pace, on my own terms, and in a way that feels most natural to me.

Monday Mantra: Really Do It, Inner Care

We know the things we want to be working on; self care, meditation, reading that book, writing our own book. We say we are going to do it, we may even write it on our weekly to-do lists, yet more often than not those things we want to do get skipped over for the things we have to do. 

What We Dig This Week

Wow – this week flew by! We’re both getting over colds and tried to take some time for self-care this week while still holding down GMG and all the other exciting things we have going on. Here are the things that helped!

Coconut Lacinato Kale Soup

Since it’s the first official day of fall, I wanted to share a recipe to kick off soup season! This soup is an excellent way to add more greens to your diet and the potato and coconut give it a touch of creaminess to make this soup really delicious. 

Immune Boosting Foods for When You’re Coming Down with Something

After a busy summer filled with lots of traveling and excitement, I’m feeling a bit rundown. We’re heading into cold season, and before that happens, I wanted to share a few foods to help keep your immunity up and make sure you’d don’t miss out on any of the fun fall activities.