August 2016

Lack Mentality

Creative Living – to move beyond what you feel you “should” do according to outside pressure to live in a way that truly feels right. Aka, my latest obsession.

Lack mentality – when you are hyper-focused on what you have lost in the past or what you are going to get in the future.

The Herbivore Kitchen

Fresh herbs add so much flavor to your food. They’re high in phytonutrients and offer a major flavor punch without adding lots of extra calories. Many are also thought to have anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. 

What We Dig This Week

Happy Friday ya’ll! Sidebar: Can we pull off the ya’ll? The jury is still out.

It’s been another busy week but we are looking forward to a nice weekend filled with some work and a lot of play. Here is a round up of our favorite things from the week! 

Hummus Among Us

Hi Gurus!

I cracked the hummus code. My secret ingredient? Cashew milk! It cuts down on the olive oil while adding a really nice creaminess and rich flavor. I could eat this on everything.

Explore Your Limits Through Your Asana Practice

In my yoga practice I like to flow. I like to count my breaths, pulse in and out of postures, almost create a dance on my mat. This makes sense seeing as I did spend about 16 years of my life wearing ballet shoes and fluttering around countless studios and stages. One of the things I love most about my yoga practice is that it gives the adult me the outlet to explore my body and express myself like I did as a kid.

That is one reason why I love yoga.

What We Dig This Week

This week has been quite hectic and crazy for both of us, but we can never forget to recognize the little things. Here is a roundup of what gave us joy this busy full moon week.