July 2016

What We Dig This Week

Attention to the little things in our days that bring us joy keeps us grounded in gratitude. Here’s a round up of the little things that brought smiles to our faces this week. What did you dig this week?

Sweep the Streets of Your Mind

Have you ever seen a store clerk outside sweeping the sidewalk in front of his shop? When I was a kid I would kind of scoff at that image. Why sweep the sidewalk? It’s outside, you don’t have to sweep outside. It’s not even a nice sidewalk. 

Facts on Food Waste + How to Reduce Waste in Your Kitchen

At Good Morning Guru, we try to bring mindfulness to all aspects of our lives (keyword: try). One thing we know, though, is that part of being mindful is taking only what you need and then using what you take. A major way to exercise this mindfulness is through our food choices – by taking only the food we need and then using what we take, we can help reverse the current amount of food waste that has sadly become the norm of our food-scape. Need more convincing? Check out these facts on the current state of food waste in the U.S…


Monday Mantra: Purpose with Intention

I hear and see it everywhere, “find your true purpose.” I think I spent the majority of my 20’s searching for and failing to find “my life’s purpose”. It does sound wonderful to tap into a higher knowing, select a magical purpose that serves you and the world, and then live that out for the rest of your life in total bliss. In reality though, we’re more likely to get thrown off our path when we set out to “find our life’s purpose.”

What We Dig This Week

Happy Friday! We are both looking forward to weekends outdoors with our families – Holly by the river and Shauna in the mountains. For the first time this year, we are both in our home state of New York and will be together next week for a new exciting GMG project, (details to come later)!

Here are a few things that brought smiles to our faces this week.

Antinutrients with Benefits

Maybe you’ve heard of antinutrients before, maybe this concept is totally new – either way, I’m going to tell you what you need to know about one of these poorly understood bad boys.

To start, what is an antinutrient? Basically, an antinutrient is a compound that disrupts the absorption of vitamins or minerals that do provide us with nutrients. However, they may also have some interesting benefits that we should be aware of.

Full Moon Guided Meditation

This is one of my favorite meditations to do during the time of the full moon or for anytime I am feeling like I need extra grounding and a return to my center. Find a comfortable seat and enjoy!