May 2016

Cashew Ricotta

This is a simple recipe for Cashew Ricotta. I used this as the base of my filling for a zucchini tart that I made over the weekend, but it can be used pretty much anywhere and can easily keep for a few days in the fridge.

Monday Mantra: Outside Yourself

To continue the theme of Friday’s meditation post and today’s observation of Memorial Day I’d like to devote this week’s mantra to being of service to someone else. My guess is you probably do this in your day to day life already, especially if you are a parent, service is your full time job. But, I’d like to keep this intention held all week, to do something you normally wouldn’t do that in turn brings joy to someone else.

Meditation: It’s Not All About You

Even for those of us who are service-driven and mindful, as normal human beings it’s natural for us to asses a situation in terms of what we can get out of it. It’s a natural survival technique really, “is this worth expending my energy on?” That is a totally valid question and many times for the purpose of self-care it is highly important that we ask ourselves just that. Yet, there are many other instances, especially in our modern world where basic survival is not our top priority, when the question of “what can I get out of this” is overemphasized.

Why the New Nutrition Labels are (kind of) Bullshit

The FDA has finalized their plan for new nutrition labels to be incorporated on packaged foods over the next couple years. The new label design was unveiled on Friday and includes some interesting updates (they’re not all good). 

Monday Mantra: My Dreams

I hear it in my mind and toss it aside.

I hold it closely and distance it from reality.

Not today.

Today I am reminded that my dreams are not “too dreamy,”

my goals can still be done.


The road is still not drawn but the unwritten keeps me calm.

I step forth with strength and softness,

with confidence and humility.

I’ve got this.


Monday Mantra: Acceptance

I accept exactly where I am right now.

Not to judge or compare it

but to realize it exactly in its’ moment.

When I accept my present fully,

without adding what I wish it was or wasn’t

I give myself more tools for

growth, change and fulfillment.

It all begins with right now,

it all starts with the love and acceptance

of this present moment.


Grain Free Lacinato Kale Burrito Bowl with Cilantro Lemon Dressing

As the weather gets warmer, I’m leaning towards lighter meals. Veggie burritos are my favorite food, but they can be a bit heavy. With that mind, I created this grain-free burrito bowl that has all the flavor a of a burrito without all the calories. I loved this bowl and can’t wait to make it again! 

Monday Mantra: Prepare for Happiness

Ever notice that in the morning there is something that drives you? No, not your train to work. Throughout our days, especially in the morning, we have a to-do list that we are unknowingly checking off as the minutes pass before we head out the door.