April 2016

Authentic Unfollowing

As mindful gals most of the time we can look at a situation through a reasonable lens and decipher between importance and insignificance. Yet, those little things throughout the day still bother us, still make us mull, and still from time to time get our lulus all up in a bunch.

Your Yoga Teacher Doesn’t Care (about this).

This is a new monthly series called, “Yoga Teacher Reflections.” To kick this series off I wanted to start by sharing what I’ve heard from students about their perception of their own practice as opposed to what most teachers actually notice.

Why Legumes Are Game-Changers…

As a vegetarian, I’m a big fan of legumes for their protein + iron content, but here are a few other reasons to get excited about adding more of these bad boys to your diet…

Monday Mantra: I Prioritize Me

Quick, what do you need more of this week? No, I am not talking about material items like a flat screen TV. I am talking about one emotion or quality you need to call into your routine that if you had, would give you a happier and well-rounded week. Stick with the first thing that pops into your head.

How to: Slow Sunday Vegan Breakfast Hash + The Secrets to Crispy Potatoes

Having a little extra time on weekends to make and enjoy a special breakfast with a warm cup of coffee, fresh veggies and the company of loved ones is my idea of a perfect morning. Breakfast food isn’t particularly complicated, but things like good hash browns take time (check out my tips below!), which is why this post is dedicated to the Slow Sunday Breakfast Hash. This is a simple dish with 1000’s of different varieties that is as enjoyable as it is thrifty.

The Art of the Smoothie Bowl…

Like many, we’ve been inspired by the beautiful smoothie bowls that we’ve been seeing all over Instagram. We decided to create our own and, boy, it’s harder than it looks.

Angel Numbers: Do You Have One?

Number sequences like 11:11, or 111 can be quite awing. People from all different backgrounds have talked about seeing certain number patterns appear to them over and over again at different times in their lives. The number sequence can change during different times in your life or can be the same sequence you see your whole life, it all depends on what message your angels, (or spirit guide or God or the Universe) feel they must send to send.

For some, they see the numbers, notice them and let them go while others enjoy deciphering the meaning of the numbers or the messages behind them. Truthfully though, if you notice something in your daily routine that makes you stop and think, maybe that gives you a feeling of trust or encouragement, then I say, why the heck not?! Here is the story of how I came to find my angel number. 

Chocolate Avocado Pudding

This pudding is nothing short of delightful–it’s definitely a treat, and since it’s the weekend, we’re on board! This pudding is vegan, gluten free and, although it’s sweet, there is no refined sugar here. Super luscious and decadent, just a few bites can satisfy any sweet tooth!