January 2016

Morning Prayer

Lemon water, avocado toast and meditation are just a few of the things that keep my morning routine flowing but there is one thing I do every day that I haven’t mentioned before. I always leave room for prayer. Here are a few of my steps toward creating a personal morning prayer routine. 

Smoothie: Winter Style

You don’t have to look very far to find where my interest for food, health and wellness come from. In the words of the rapper Juvenile, “she get it from here mama.” [Side bar: I loved this song as a teen and who doesn’t love a good throw back? If you do listen to the song, reminder: it is explicit.] In any case, yes, my mom is my teacher in cooking, healthy living and spirituality and for this morning’s recipe, she’s your teacher too!

Whether you are snowed in or lucky enough to have the warm sun around you, this twist on a traditional smoothie is great anytime you need to nurture the body with something warm. The trick: it’s a traditional smoothie but warmed up!


You’ll need:

Small handful of raw cashews

1 cup filtered water

1 cup frozen organic blueberries

1/2 of a banana

1 tbsp chia seeds

1 tbsp flax seeds

1 tbsp cocao nibs

Splash of vanilla

Big dash of cinnamon



Blend all ingredients together thoroughly. Warm on the stove at very low heat. The smoothie will thicken as it warms. Add a little more warm water if you like it to be more of soup consistency. It will be slightly crunchy from the flax seeds. Once the smoothie has warmed and thickened to your liking, enjoy!

Good Morning Guru: Go Outside Yourself

Make it a point today to step outside your daily agenda, make it a priority to step outside yourself. Even though this isn’t a new thought, we may even try to do this everyday, it’s also easy to get swept up in the daily hustle of our own routine. It’s important to make a special point to treat those around us with care, not just friends and family, but those in our community as well. Here is your reminder this morning to make your encounters with strangers friendlier and flash a smile as you walk down the street. Happy Monday!

Challenge: Read that Book

I was goofing around with some yoga moves a few days ago and landed awkwardly on my bed, upside down, staring directly at my book shelf. I love this book shelf! It is sprinkled with little intentions I write, candles and oils, and most importantly some of my most treasured reads. Along with my favorite books though, are books that at one time I bought with motivation but have since let go to the wind, unread and unlearned from the magic that could be.

This weekend my challenge to you is this: read that book. I know I am not the only one who has a book or three on her shelf that is waiting to be read. Put away the computer… just for a few hours, (maybe even a day,) pretend like you are on a beach vacation and curl up to the wonders that are unknown in the pages that long to be told.




Super Easy Homemade Curry in 5 Steps

In my house Thai food is the ultimate treat and we treat ourselves… a lot. When my love for curry first began I realized quickly that in order to sustain my fixation for the spicy and rich bowl of veggies, herbs & coconut milk, I would have to learn how to make it myself because weekly take out is not healthy for the body or the budget. Making curry at home gives me the freedom to enjoy one of my favorite dishes while still having control over the quality and sustainability of the ingredients I am eating. The best part is: making curry is so-totally-unassumingly easy. (read more)

Good Morning Guru: The To-Do List

My guess is that many people heading back to work this week have a to-do list on their desk that feels like a mile long. Even if you aren’t in the office, after a couple of weeks of celebratory festivities getting back into the grind of daily tasks, catchup projects, and your (probably) newly fashioned goal chart can be overwhelming. The reality is, it’s completely normal to have the thoughts: “there is not enough time in the day, I can’t possibly get this done.” Although you have to be realistic when writing your daily to-do list, sometimes deadlines and bosses can’t see past the bottom line and you are forced to, as they say in Project Runway… “make it work.”  (read more)

Good Morning Guru: The Process

At the start of the new year most of us are filled with gusto. Inspiration and motivation has reentered our lives and is ready to take on goals and tasks in a big way. Motivation and inspiration are essential to accomplishing the goals you set for yourself, but consistency and focus are the other pieces of that puzzle that can’t be denied. As you launch into your new year goals, don’t get ahead of yourself.  Remember it’s in your daily practices where you will find the lessons that lead to your progression. Enjoy the process. Laugh at yourself. Let the imperfect guide you not defer you. One. Step. At. A. Time.