December 2015

Non-Resoluters: This is for You!

I have never been one for New Year’s resolutions. If you are mindful on a daily basis then you don’t really need to make a grand gesture of goals at the start of the new year, right? Wrong. At least this year. Sometimes as motivated as we are, we get stuck. We have a goal but we let fear, lack of time and many unorganized thoughts get in the way. If you are a fellow “non-resoluter” but haven’t been feeling the need for a reboot let these few tips below help get the motivation train started! (read more)

Healthfully You: Browse Worthy Links

Healthfully Hol, Healthfully You!


This is the first in a new series I am calling, Healthfully You, a complied list of links that have kept me inspired this week, because when you find inspiration I think it’s always best to share it! Here are my favorite picks for this week. (read more)


If the importance of a project is heavy on your mind or the stress of the holidays is leaving you feeling overwhelmed try this simple intention today: space.


Invite space into your life today. Whether you decline an invitation to lunch with a friend in exchange for some alone time or shut the music off in the car to have time with your thoughts, giving yourself space away from expectation of others or yourself gives you the freedom to invite new ideas in and regenerate enthusiasm for your day. Even if you have a busy schedule of work deadlines and appointments you can make the conscious decision to allow yourself room to breathe while shuffling through your day to day activities. When you set the intention to enjoy the space around you, you stay more present and connected to the subtle inspiration that is always around.


Say this prayer: “Today I welcome space into my daily routine. I let go of expectation. Today is a day where my thoughts can be free and my judgement is low. Today I safely flow through my day with care and attention to the space in my body, in my mind and in my heart.”