November 2015

It’s Smaller than You Think

Don’t let the posters that say “be yourself” and “speak your truth” overwhelm you. Standing in your truth and being yourself does not mean that your whole life needs an overhaul. It does not mean that you have to be something big and shiny and sparkly. You do not need to have a complete and clear outline of what it means to be you. Just start your day. Ask for guidance, “please help me live a little more like me than I did yesterday.” And then, let it go. Go about your day not striving to be your perfect self, not striving to speak your exact truth, but instead with a simple intention to live mindfully and make small decisions minute by minute to live in your groove.

Bonus thought: you’ll mess up, you won’t always make the “right” choice, that’s okay too, it’s part of your truth.




Good Morning Food Guru

Let the love of what you eat fuel your body instead of weigh heavy with guilt on your mind.



Pesto: It doesn’t have to be Basil & Parmesan

Today I am offering a little kitchen inspiration and a chance to get a little crazy and creative with your cooking combinations! I’ve been a super freak about sauces lately.  Sauce, sauce, sauce and more sauce. I love having a freshly made sauce on hand for when the week gets busy and I need a meal that is fast and healthy but also super yummy. These days I have been especially crazy about pesto! Traditionally pesto is made with garlic, basil and parmesan cheese but for the healthy gal who wants to stay away from the cheese I am here to tell you, pesto does not have to be out the question! Originating from the Italian word, pestare, meaning to pound or crush, pesto refers more to the preparation of the dish than its’ actual ingredients. (read more)