October 2015

Clarity: Your Morning Mantra

I am clear. Clear of yesterday’s mistakes, clear of tomorrow’s worry. Today I step into my day calm, fresh and dedicated to the present moment. I am powerful and intuitive. My mind is clear.




Excitement: How it Can Hinder Your Creativity

Creativity, we love it. And also, we hate it. At least I do. Maybe you are someone who has an idea and can immediately make it come to fruition. I am not that person. Most of my ideas come with quite a lot of worry, anxiety and fear. Last week I wrote about how fear can keep us from creating to our fullest potential, or from creating at all. After thinking about it more I realized that there is another factor that can hold us back, it stems in fear but is disguised as a happier emotion, excitement. (read more)

Connect Closer with Your Dreams

As the mindful mavens that make up the readership here on this site, we are always looking for new ways to explore our depth and more signs that give us hope for our far-out-there aspirations. Our dreams should not be a forgotten part of that quest. (read more)

Happy Monday!

How about a #motivationmonday that is just fun? Today, let’s forget the perfectly put together sentences that are inspiring and thought provoking. Sometimes we just need to welcome the week with a fun and playful attitude. We can benefit so much from a little free movement. This morning turn up your volume, press play on your favorite song and dance it out. Who says hairbrush singing is just made for the weekends? Happy dancing!




When You Can’t Start

You have so much inside to create but sometimes it just won’t come out. You sit down to write or to make and despite your ideas your canvas is blank. I know. I’ve been there. Hell, I still go there regularly. The problem is usually that despite your want to create you have a fear, or 1,000 fears, that makes it extremely hard to go past the first word or paint mark. Next time you feel yourself getting stuck do this exercise that I like to call “The Fear Buster.” (read more)