September 2015

Hot Pool Heaven

Jot down a post-it note, alert your brain, call your gals: winter is coming and that means it is time to soak, hot spring style!

When the terms hot pool or hot spring come to mind I think of somewhere exotic: a quiet enchanted forest with the most inviting water to dip into and relax. Those places do exist but they aren’t as far away as they may seem.

Natural hot springs are all over the world. Although the majority of U.S. hot springs are in the West there are several scattered across the country including in not-so-obvious places like New York and Arkansas. After visiting my first hot pool in Lava Hot Springs, Idaho a few days ago I decided to put together a few facts about these natural wonders. (read more)

Questions for a Chef

Do you ever find yourself standing in your kitchen over a pot of half cooked something wishing you could call a personal chef hotline to answer a question about your recipe? No? Is that just me? Fortunately for me I have my own personal chef hotline and it’s called Chef Shauna! My very dear friend Shauna Keeler is a (fabulous) vegan chef, (almost) Registered Dietitian, and (inspiring) yoga teacher living in Brooklyn, NY. Shauna is a triple threat when it comes to eating and living holistically. After countless text messages and calls to Shauna from my kitchen counter I thought I’d put it all out on paper (ahem… digital paper.) From her worst blunders in the kitchen to her favorite thing to make we are picking the brain of a chef! Enjoy. (read more)


Let go of expectation but don’t stop working. Do what you do today with intention, integrity, and curiosity. Don’t do it because it can get you somewhere better, do it because today is all you have control of. When you step into the true presence of your moments you step into freedom. Release tomorrow and yesterday because they are just blocking your now.