July 2015

Morning Starters

I know what I am about to say is the opposite of what any yogi, conscious person, or meditation teacher “should say” but this space is meant for honesty, right?


Here it is. Although my idea of the ideal, perfect morning would include gorgeous nature, the dock at my family’s river house, and all of the avocado toast in the world, the more controversial side of me admits that one of my favorite things to do in the morning is browse the internet reading my favorite blogs while watching Good Morning America and Live with Kelly and Michael and drinking copious amounts of coffee. For. Hours. (read more)

Get Your Groove On

“When you get your groove on, I go blind

When you get your groove on, I loose my mind

When you get your groove on, the whole world goes blind

So get your groove on girl…”


A few words this morning from one of my favorite bands, The Jezables. This is a great song to get you going in the morning or when you need a pick me up. Plus, the message that I have found hidden in it is basically my mantra to live by. Don’t let anyone’s views be more important than your own. Don’t hide what it is that makes you come alive because when you come alive yourself it helps everyone around you. When you tap into the power of your unique perspective, people can’t help but notice. Let yourself go wild this morning, because you deserve to shine.


Click here to play the song!



Breakfast Hack: Sweet Potatoes 3 Ways

For breakfast you can’t persuade me any other way: it’s all about the carbs! Really they are delicious but they are also what I’ve found my body responds best to first thing in the morning. On a typical busy morning I will have some gluten free toast with avocado or almond butter and some added fun things like hemp or chia seeds, or nutritional yeast. Although, there are times I get sick of the typical breakfast and for that I have the best fix.


When I am looking to add a little pizzazz to my morning plate I go straight for one thing, the sweet potatoe! Sweet potatoes are an excellent source of vitamins A and C and their sweet taste makes the perfect addition to any morning lineup! Here are three ways to turn this grounding root vegetable into your new favorite breakfast treat. (read more)

You Have Way More to Share Than You Think

From my experience I have found that the majority of us in some way want to help others. We feel like we have more to give to the world than what we are giving now but we won’t exactly know what that is. The true gift to those around you is nothing that needs to be obtained, you probably already have it, you just have to identify it.


Recently I helped my little sister write her very first resume. When I looked at what she had written for the first time it was pretty basic: high school jobs, classes she’d taken and activities she’d been involved with. Still in college she was feeling insecure about her lack of experience. By looking at her resume at face value, it did seem like she lacked experience, but that is only because that is what she was projecting.


She is a Sustainable Food & Farming major at UMass Amherst and she was applying for summer jobs working on farms. In her opinion, she was late on schooling because she is 22 and still in her undergrad. She hadn’t worked on a farm and she still had way more to know before she feels like she is ready to. In my opinion, she had been working on our family garden for years, nurturing it, designing parts of it, and tending to its’ needs during the changing of seasons. She has grown hunting food plots for deer on our family’s land. She has multiple certificates of recognition from the Dean’s List at her college for her excellent grades. Yet, to her, none of these things really mattered. To her, these things were just what she did. To her, it wasn’t significant, just normal.


I tell this story because I think there are many of us out there who don’t give value to our everyday experiences. In my sister’s case she wasn’t setting out for service, in this instance she was setting out to better herself by getting a new job. The kicker though is that once she recognized that her everyday activities were exactly what she needed to set herself apart from the pack she did get a job. Now she is working at a non-for-profit farm that grows food for over 75 food pantries in her area. Through breathing life into her experiences and recognizing the worth of her “mundane” activities she was able to step into a roll that she wanted and that helps the community around her.


We want to be something big, something valuable. We think we need some huge validation before we can be what we want. Typically when we think this way we completely discount the present.


It is so easy for us to shrug off our experiences we are in now because it doesn’t seem to be in line with the dream of what we wish we were. However, it is in our present and even in our past where the gift lies. It is our own unique experiences and perspectives of those experiences that give us the edge up—that give us something to share—that really is what can help those around you and what can help you step into the role you want.


Here is an exercise for recognizing that what you do is actually awesome and needs to be shared:


  • Sit down in silence and start to think about a challenge or challenges you have faced. This can be a small or large challenge and it can be very old, more recent or even something you are still dealing with now. Just go with one of the first things that pops in your head—that is usually a good indication of something that has made an impact on you and therefore has a greater lesson attached.


  • Now write down what you have learned since then. How have you helped yourself overcome the situation? What books have you read to help you? What steps have you taken to improve yourself or the situation?


A few examples:

  • I have been working on a certain project for years. I have come a long way since the beginning and think I could share what I’ve learned so far.
  • I am really bad with money but have grown a lot since I first realized I needed a change.
  • I learned I had a food allergy and have changed my entire lifestyle.


Looking at your challenges helps you look at your experiences more in depth. Once you have looked at your challenges you can continue to look deeper at your life in general. Think about things you do on a daily or weekly basis that is different from those around you? Maybe you edit videos of your kids in your spare time or cook super gourmet meals. To you these may be things that are just normal but to someone else it could be really interesting, inspiring, and helpful.


Everything you need is right there already. You can become what you want and you can help those around you just be by recognizing your uniqueness. So do yourself a favor today: look in the mirror, say hello, and give yourself the power of self-recognition. You don’t have to wait until you accomplish something better, until you have a certain degree. Right now, that is where your gift lies.

Morning Prayer

I am not perfect. I will fall at least once everyday. But in that moment is where I will find the best lessons. I commit today to finding growth in every moment.


Sunday Forgiveness

Yesterday I participated in Deepak Chopra’s Global Meditation for Compassion. It was excellent. Deepak spoke about compassion for yourself, compassion for your loved ones, and giving yourself the gift of finding inner peace. I felt so great after participating in the meditation although I could only attend half of it because I had to teach my Saturday morning yoga class.

So, I went to class feeling happy and open and ready to share the message of compassion with my class. I was ready to drop some real love bombs on them! It ended up being the worst class I feel I have taught to date. There was a huge lesson in this class and I will share that in another post but what I want to share right now is the complete lack of compassion I had for myself after that class. I couldn’t stop beating myself up about what I did wrong and what I should have done instead. I replayed the class over and over in my head every hour on the hour for the entire rest of the day.

I woke up this morning with a gentle sigh of relief. I am done. I cannot change yesterday’s class. All I can do is learn from it and move on. I can know that yesterday’s lesson will help me be a more present and compassionate teacher tomorrow. This morning, reflecting back on it, Deepak’s words resonated stronger than ever. Below is my paraphrase of what Dr. Deepak Chopra spoke of. The beauty in what Deepak said was the simplicity of the message. We can all easily digest his words and share them with the world. And so for me today I say this to myself and I share it with you:

You have one job this morning, forgive yourself. Forgive yourself for a silly mistake you made yesterday, forgive yourself for what you are already dreading tomorrow. Start the process of forgiveness even if what you need to forgive is something so colossal that it feels unbearable. Just start. Start by sitting in silence for just three minutes. Send yourself love and compassion. You deserve it. When you give yourself the gift of exploring your inner peace you are helping the world around you.

With love and compassion to you and to all,



Choose without Judgement

Today make a commitment to choosing your actions based on what you want without any thoughts of how others will perceive you. Living authentically means living your life exactly how you feel is right for you without being afraid of rejection or disapproval.

The Task at Hand

Our task in life is not to find the perfect state of happiness and stay in it all of the time. It is to find stillness in complete chaos and to approach even our worst days with the same intention as our best.