June 2015

Simple Snack that Takes You Back

You know when one smell or one taste can take you back to your childhood in a split second? This bowl of blueberries does just that for me. When I was a kid I would sit outside on the porch at my Grandfather’s house and eat with him. He was German and loved simple, fresh foods like baguettes and lox for breakfast or a nice plate of newly harvested veggies with a little dash of salt on top. One of my favorites was his blueberry bowl. All it entailed was blueberries with milk but I remember being totally blown away by it as a kid. It seemed weird to me because I only thought milk in a bowl should be accompanied by cereal but by first bite I was totally hooked. To this day I look forward to the summer when I can pick up fresh blueberries at the market and run home to put them in my (almond) milk. It is a tradition that makes my heart sing. I invite you to do the same this week. Pick up something simple at the market, maybe something from your childhood, and enjoy it with just a tad extra love. Sit outside, take in your surroundings, and bask in the sweet nourishment of simplicity.

“Facebook Yourself”

We’ve all been there. You are in a fine mood but then you pull out your cell phone, start to scroll through [insert social media platform here] and inevitably, despite your best effort, despite your mindful attitude, you still start to compare. You compare yourself to others’ jobs, vacations, love life, family life, even their outfits. (read more)

Advice for New Yoga Teachers

So, I was browsing Hilaria Baldwin’s instagram today and came across this quote.  First of all, yes I follow Hilaria Baldwin and no I am not ashamed of it. Who doesn’t love cute baby pics to scroll through and gorgeous yoga photos?!


Anyway, she posted this quote by Roger Babson, (a 20th century investor and entrepreneur) and it totally resonated with me. Although this statement is pretty general I find it can really relate to what happens to a new yoga teacher when tackling his’ or her’s first few classes, or even first few months of classes. (read more)