Monday Mantra: Focus on What’s In Front of You

When it comes to big life events: a move, a marriage, welcoming a new baby, it’s normal to focus on the big picture. And even in our day to day lives, it’s more common than not to have our focus 10 steps ahead of where we actually are in our situations.

Some call it future tripping. Some call it planning. There’s a place for it. But it can also leave you feeling overwhelmed and unfocused.

Friday Digs

Ah — how I’ve missed Friday Digs! It’s been amazing to hear from you all since last Friday’s post, your celebration, kindness, and words of encouragement are so meaningful to me.

So I haven’t been on the tidying up train, but this weekend I’ve got my goals set on a little pre-spring cleaning (nesting)! Plus, I’m looking forward to some writing, cooking, and of course—quality pup time.

But first.. it’s Friday Digs.

A Different Type of Friday Digs

As I shared in this week’s Monday Mantra, one of the lessons I’m committing to this year is telling my truth. To myself, to those around me—and to you.

Though I’ve always been open on this blog, this year my intention is to be as authentically me as I can be and that means sharing all—despite being afraid of what you might think about me when I share. I’ve found, the more we let out of the dark of our minds and into the light of real life, the less we’re controlled by the fear of that darkness and the more ourselves we can be.

And so here it goes, my first big truth of the year.

Monday Mantra: The Lessons I am Committing to in 2019

It’s the first Monday Mantra of the year (yay!) and I’m extra excited to share this post with you. This year, instead of making resolutions, I am committing to a set of lessons that I plan on digging into this year.

Monday Mantra: Drop the Defense

When I’m feeling stressed or out of control my guard goes up and I plan for battle.

Suddenly everyone is out to challenge my sense of security. I question my relationships, my work, and hyper-examine the actions of everyone around me because I’m convinced that they—in some way or another—are out to get me.

Paranoid? Dramatic? Totally. That’s what giving into the ego does to us.