Your Inner Compass

Creative living – when we make choices based on our inner compass as opposed to from a set of rules of life we were taught as kids. I’ve gotten pretty good at following my inner compass but one of the hardest struggles I find in choosing to live creatively is justifying my decisions to others.

Friday Digs

It’s the weekend and I find myself looking back to the days that I worked nights and weekends and got mad at all of the people who celebrated Friday. Wherever you are in your schedule, I wish you a happy day. But first, it’s Friday Digs!

Move Past Lack Mentality

Creative Living – to move beyond what you feel you “should” do according to outside pressure to live in a way that truly feels right.

Lack mentality – when you are hyper-focused on what you have lost in the past or what you are going to get in the future.

Monday Mantra: Self, I Love You

Self-love. In our teens it’s hard to grasp, in our 20’s it comes and goes, and in our 30’s we begin to encompass it.

Self-love—it’s acceptance, understanding, and gratitude for life itself.

Friday Digs Without “Things”

I love to curate my Friday Digs list every week, but this week I wanted to put a new twist on it.

Instead of creating a list filled with things to buy, I thought that this week’s list would be less materialistic and more information based. No money needed, just enjoy.

It’s Friday Digs!

Spirtuality: Why Signs Matter

The other day I was having a particularly stressful morning. As I was driving to work, I looked to my left and saw a license plate with the numbers “333,” which as you might recall from a previous post is my angel number. Seeing “333,” a number that has deep meaning to me, during a moment of stress was instantly reassuring and calming.

In the mindful community special numbers, symbols, and even superstitions are common. But why do those signs give us comfort? Do they really mean anything at all ?

Friday Digs

Happy Friday—and 1st day of September. Though it’s still in the 90’s every day here in Boise, I have been finding myself craving the internal spirit of fall. This weekend I plan on spending some low-key days at home, no leaving the house.

Here’s Friday Digs.