Monday Mantra: I Am Of Service

This month I have been feeling the call of service, and even more than that, a deep need in our day to day lives to share kindness with one another. This week, along with the mantra, I’m sharing a few alternative ideas to inspire your own random acts of kindness. (This goes beyond the coffee line.)

Friday Digs

Oh, I’m so excited for Friday. This has been a bit of a draining week though at the end of it, I can sit back, look around, and feel true gratitude for what I do have right now. I am looking forward to a weekend with my husband preparing for a holiday of travel and visiting family.

But first, it’s Friday Digs.

Monday Mantra: I Let Go Of Control

If you follow along with even one wellness website or insta account, it’s likely you’ve read about last night’s full moon—Supermoon, in gemini, Mercury in retrograde—there’s a lot of talk about what it all means for our well-being and energy levels.

But is all of that talk and hype around the moon just another way for us to try and control another thing that cannot be controlled?

What if instead of trying to control it all by figuring out how to use the moon’s energy for our benefit, we simply let go?

Friday Digs

Happy Friday! I am looking forward to some holiday celebrations and also a little fun work.

But first, it’s Friday Digs.

Winter Wellness Kitchen Staples

It may not be officially winter, but t he date is all the same to me. Once my cozy sweaters are out and the heat is on, all of my winter wellness habits kick right on. Here are my winter wellness kitchen staples for this time of year.

Confession: this picture is all thanksgiving and little wellness—but you get the gist, right?

Monday Mantra: The Holiday Distraction

Thanksgiving is over, but holiday season is in full swing. The party invitations are rolling in and the sales are popping into your email every few minutes. Whether you’re a full on jingle-bell-lover or side better with a scrooge—one thing that is hard to escape is the distraction of the holidays.

Friday Digs

Attitude gratitude. This time last year I was essentially homeless (by choice,) living out of a suite case with only an idea of what my next month might bring. This year I am settled in a city that I would have never guessed that I’d live and couldn’t be happier experiencing life in this space right now. Control and safety nets are overrated – the unknown is really where it’s at.

I hope your enjoying the Thanksgiving weekend. I’ll be kicking around Boise the bulk of the weekend but spending this morning enjoying some down time in bed. But first, it’s Friday Digs.

Monday Mantra: Singular Thoughts

My time. My money. My travel plans. My holiday.

Have you been caught up in the my preparing for the holiday week? If you have, that’s normal. It’s something just about everyone can relate to most times of times of the year, but especially as we get into holiday season.